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Suture 911

Suture 911 are often needle-free surgical procedures that reduce treatment pain.

Suture 911: A Stitch In Time

When a child or adult sustains a cut or wound requiring medical attention in a hurry, it usually ends up being an anxiety-driven frustrating scenario at the emergency room where the stress of being injured is compounded by the stress of the long wait for treatment.

Dr. O'Hara understands that parents want quality care in an immediate manner so that the healing can begin, and they can get back to their busy lives as their children get quickly back to play after being injured. That is why Suture 911 is the ideal program for treating cuts and wounds without playing the waiting game at the hospital.

Administered By Board Certified Plastic Surgeons

Suture 911 provides immediate phone call access to Dr. O'Hara and his team of board certified plastic surgeons who will see the patient in their office as quickly as possible, according to the patient's schedule, not the hectic ER's. In a comfortable, far less traumatic office setting, the patient can be assessed one-on-one and treated by the skilled hands of a cosmetic plastic surgeon, minimizing scarring and maximizing efficiency.

Often Performed “Needle-Free”

Appropriate treatment is performed with either sutures or "needle free" repair. The "needle free" repair technique utilizes topical anesthetics applied to the surface of the wound to numb the area. After cleaning, the wound is closed with "skin glue”, which also acts as a barrier against dirt and bacteria. Within a week the skin glue dissolves, and unlike sutures, no removal is required.

While injuries can be painful, seeking treatment shouldn't be.

Suture 911 takes the pain out of the process and gets the healing started, all in one quick visit. For more information on Suture 911, call 1-877-SUTURE911 or 1-877-DR OHARA (376-4272).

For more information call 1-877-SUTURE911 or visit

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